Daylesford Vanilla Slice

Delicious slices: french vanilla, yogurt, caramel, hedgehog, rhubarb, vanilla, apple, healthy, lemon.

 Small pastries and tarts: croissants, almond croissants, custard tarts, lemon meringues.

And more: rum balls, cookies, apple scrolls, coffee scrolls, gingerbread men, muffins, apple turnovers, chocolate eclairs, ice cream, cheesecakes, and celebration cakes.

Our wide range of pies includes: pepper steak,  steak & onion, steak & mushroom, steak cheese & bacon, steak & curry, egg cheese & bacon, chicken, pumpkin & feta, spinach & feta, pasties, sausage rolls and party pies, party pasties and party sausage rolls.

LOGO_2014_Bronze_Medallist (Large)    LOGO_2014_Silver_Medallist (Large)

LOGO_2013_Silver_Medallist (Large)    LOGO_2013_Bronze_Medallist (Large)    2012 Bronze Medallist

Bread: white, wholemeal, multigrain, sourdough, rye, assorted bread rolls, turkish bread rolls, French sticks.

At Daylesford Bakery we also serve breakfast and lunch daily including bacon + eggs, fresh sandwiches made to order, focaccias, roast rolls and hamburgers.
Gridlock Coffee, tea, milkshakes, spiders and a range of cold drinks are available.